Apparently I write too much and reeeeding b hard! So me simplify lol.

All joking aside. I have a 5 song "dark metal" EP in which all vocals, midi drums/synths and arrangements (all made by me) are done. I have a reliable guitar guy and just need a reliable bassist.

Please no flakes, extremely religious individuals or anyone looking for money. I have no patience or time for any of those a-holes anymore.

I can provide samples/songs and please be able to as well.

I also already have the tabs written out for the bass anyway but am open to slight changes so long as someone tabs what they did.

A lot of the songs are about undead horror-themed stuff and there will be some graphic artwork of mine to accompany it when it's done so no weak stomachs.

Reply or pm if interested. Hope to find someone.

ALSO! I am open to different ages but I'd greatly prefer someone over 18, however exceptions could be made. Race, sexual orientation and all that doesn't matter.