I've learned some fingerpicking songs the hardest probably being, Blackbird by The Beatles (I know total fingerstyle newb). So where to go from there, I'd love to be able to play some classical stuff on acoustic.
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Stairway is required on any list of anything involving the words guitar or song, I believe Congress amended the constitution in order to put it into federal law.
You might think of two different approaches.....

First is "classical guitar" in the sense of the formal training and technique. You'd need an instructor, as this is a very standardized thing; most everything about it, from the posture to the technique of playing to the repertiore of music played is done in a very particular way.
Of course, the techniques can all be applied to more "popular" music or jazz as well.

Then there would be "fingerstyle" guitar, which can range from picking out "freight train" and "Good King Wenceslas" to doing very complex arrangements like Chet Atkins and Guy Van Duser and jazz guys like Lenny Breau and Charlie Byrd.

The techniques are actually pretty similar; the method of striking the string, of assigning fingers and thumb to different strings, of playing single-note lines.... All actually pretty much the same. It's the result that's different.

There are fine instructional DVDS and YouTube videos and books to cover all of these things, of course, but the classical technique is so formalized most would recommend an instructior.