Hello. I just wanted to ask, well, it's in the title, which amp should i buy of these or do you have any better suggestions ? I've got a Washburn PS600 and playing hard rock and metal. Still a beginner however. All of the amps are around the same price, 200 $, 10 $ up/down.
Well yeah, a Peavey Vypyr sounds pretty much perfect for your needs, and the other two are quite bad amps.
But you should be able to get a bigger vypyr for 200$, the 30 already has a bigger speaker and more models.
Maybe if you stretch your budget a little bit you can even get a vypyr tube 60, the usually go for 250$ on the used section of guitarcenter.com and have the power section of the famous peavey 6505.

Edit: Actually there is one for 200$ right now: http://www.guitarcenter.com/In-Store-Used-USED-PEAVEY-VYPYR-60W-GUITAR-AMP-109083237-i3187937.gc
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Jump on that vypyr tube now if you can. Otherwise get a Vypyr 30 instead of 15.

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the tube 60 for $200 is a steal, jump on that.
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oh ok, in which country are you? And is the vypyr 30 in Budget?
This is my list (In case anyone else that has similar needs sees this):
For hard rock and metal : Peavey Vypyr all the way. 30 Watts or the Tube 60
For Classic Rock and blues : Vox Valvetronix. The older 30 or the 40 and up.