Hi guys

Basically a coupe of weeks ago I came out of retirement to join a covers band as a rhythm guitar player. I had not picked up the guitar in a long time cause i fell out of love with anything guitar related but felt this would the right time to give this a bash again.

I dug out my old Zoom 505 guitar fx pedal and found that there is a bit of buzzing going through the amp, and no matter how hard i fiddle with the settings, its always either not distorted enough, or way of distorted.

I am now thinking of buying a new fx pedal which will give me a warm tone when playing rhythm, but have no idea where to start. The music we play is generally 90's British bands and some early 2000 stuff aswell, but just want to find a nice tone for it.

We use a practice studio which has a few different rooms and often moved around so the amps keep changing, but whatever one i try and use, im never happy with the sound. I am also using a Sundburst Epiphone Dot 335.

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated as unless i get the sound right, It may not be a move i stay in.

do you have a budget?

off the top of my head, on the cheap, a joyo ultimate drive (ocd clone) would work. from what i hear, it's a bit darker than the original ocd (i have the joyo, i haven't tried the original).

another option would be a rat- its tone control is very basic, but awesome and has a ton of range on it. that allows the pedal to work well with a range of amps, unlike most pedals which work great with some amps and poorly with others. Actually, considering you said the amps you use change a lot, I might actually prefer the rat. You can get cheaper clones of it, too, from the likes of mooer, but the real thing isn't *that* dear, either, so it's up to you.
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If you a joining a cover band and doing that specific type of music why don't you just buy an amp that will do what you want it to do and forget the crappy budget FX pedals

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