Hey everyone,

I recently started a new job as an industrial maintenance technician and I travel a lot. I could be on the road for a day, a few weeks or even a couple of months at a time and I really miss playing guitar when I'm on the road.

I'm looking to get a cheap guitar to bring with me but I have some concerns. Sometime we arrive on the job site before heading to the hotel and the guitar could be left in the truck and subject to cold, heat, and humidity for 8-12 hours before I can get into the hotel. I am wondering if this could seriously damage the guitar or not. This factor will greatly determine the amount of money I will be willing to spend on it.

I was looking at and seriously considering an Agile Strat, but I don't want to spend 350 bucks on a guitar and it wind up getting damaged from sitting in the truck.

Am I being too paranoid about the elements affecting the guitar? It's not like I will be storing it in extreme conditions, but it will be exposed to extremes for short periods of time.

Should I go for the Agile or should I opt for something cheaper like a squier so if it does get damaged, I won't be out such a large amount of money.

Also what do you think would provide better protection against the elements a hard shell case or a nice padded gig bag?

Yes weather/environment can deff ruin a guitar. I saw a Gibson LP that was left in a truck cab for a week (I live in central FL so it is hot/humid as hell here) and the neck was twisted because of this.

I would look for a used guitar and keep it in a decent gig bag (most gig bags are water repellant these days). Maybe throw a few of the humidity packs in the case also.
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Best solution -- don't take a wooden guitar.

Those conditions can ruin most guitars, and no, you're not being too paranoid about the conditions. You can seriously damage a guitar by exposing it like that. Temps inside a truck on a hot day can get up to 150-160 degrees, which can even soften some glues.
Take a cheap guitar and don't feel sorry about it. Enjoy it and when it's done it's done.
Yeah, I was afraid those would be the responses I would get.

I guess I'll go as cheap as I can. I don't really mind spending 100 bucks a year on guitars to be able to play while on the road.
can you make an insulated box to keep the case/bag in? Ie, a simple plywood box with a lining of 1" or 1.5" Styrofoam SM insulation? A single 12v bulb running inside could also help keep the temps from dropping too low. You could even rig up a temp gauge to read on the outside to monitor it
I might go with a Hofner shorty and see what happens to it.

Most sites that I go to are restricted areas, like refineries, nuke plants and power plants, so the windows of the truck can be left open. A lot of the time we are able to hit the hotel first, but sometimes we can't.

I guess I'll go cheap and see what happens.

I can't seem to find a non wood guitar at a reasonable price.