My son is considering buying a Jarrell guitar with a Floyd trem, Schaller tuners and active SD pickups. It looks solid, though I didn't like the set up at all. I can tell it has a mahogany body with a maple top when I look through the slotted plate on the back.

I'd like to hear from any one who owns, has owned or has played one. (Not interested in opinions based on specs/country of origin)

This is a very new company; not many of them out there. I may have caught them at a Winter NAMM show here in Anaheim, but likely did not bother to try them out. No clue.

Best advice regarding setup -- be prepared to spend a couple of hundred to get the thing to a PLEK machine. The measuring phase is the most important. It can tell you if the guitar's neck is warped, etc., and if the frets aren't level, it can get them there.
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at $1200 plus, there is no way I'll let him cough up that kind of coin without this thing being spot on already. The set up on this thing was beyond bad.
Have the shop do a set-up on it.
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