Hi all,

I recently got a 2013 Fender Custom Shop '62 Closet Classic Jazzmaster. I am just curious as to which size Mastery bridge will fit it? Mastery's website won't load for me so I can't check their specs page. I've ordered a Mastery M1 offset bridge and want to be sure this will fit my guitar (the part has been ordered from the US). It says it fits US made Jazzmasters, with the M2 fitting non US made ones. Could anyone just double check this with me if they know?

This link is what I ordered.


Also how easy are these things to fit? I am useless when it comes to doing these kind of things! I am wondering whether to get my tech to do it!

Hopefully it will stop the tuning and buzzing problems. I'm also going to put some heavier gauge strings in.

Anyone who can help, thanks kindly!
So, you've got a guitar tech, and a new Gibson, but didn't take the new guitar to him for setup and fine tuneing before throwing money at parts that might solve a problem? Why?
Did you stretch and break in the new strings? Check the relief? Adjust the string height and intonation?
The new bridge should fit fine, but if you don't know how to install it, set it up, or adjust it, it sounds like a waste of money to try to fix a guitar that's not broken.
The guy in the shop I got the guitar from recommended I swap the bridge out on this particular Jazzmaster (it's been sat in there for a while). I have tried to solve the problem myself and it is not as bad as when I first had the guitar, but it is still not perfect. I would like a long term solution to the problem. I'd rather spend a bit of money than worry about the string popping out every time I play, and the tuning going.

The original bridges on Jazzmasters are notoriously bad for doing this, and although it's a costly replacement, it's genuinely recommended by a lot of people as a good improvement to make (I think you can also use a Mustang or Jag bridge as well to improve it, though I can't remember which off the top of my head).

I can set a guitar up myself, but I am not keen on trying to fit something to a expensive guitar I have never done before.

Anyway, I got in touch with the guy at Mastery, he confirmed it will fit. It's nothing to do with new strings, the relief, action etc. It plays well and sounds good for the most part. It is just the odd aggressive stroke and every few bends that makes some of the strings slide out of tune