Am I just having bad luck or are a lot of guitar pro tabs now gone from the site 'at the request of the publisher?'
I haven't noticed, but I recall that some have mentioned this earlier. A shame if it is true, Guitar Pro-files is what taught me to play the guitar and I do not for a second want what is literally a gold-mine to be removed from anyone.

The next generation of aspiring musicians and guitarists should have the same resources as I and many others had.
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so far > 95% of the guitar pro tabs I have tried to reference on here are now gone.

the trend is whenever there is a 'tab pro' version for the same song the guitar pro version is consistently, gone.
I don't know about guitar pro tabs specifically but I am consistently having tabs crash my ultimate guitar tab app. It seems to be linked to missing tabs. Could be the guitar pro tabs I had added to my favorites. It's a little frustrating when someone posts up a tab, you add it to the list, practice it for a week or two and then go to open it and gone.

Can anyone explain the tab app subscription vs. the tab pro app subscription vs. something else that seems to be like songster but by ultimate guitar but also requires a subscription thing to it. Can I just get one app, pay one subscription, and see everything (including the tabs that were free for years but now cost money)? I get it running a website cost money, developing an app cost money, etc. I'll pay but I'm a little apprehensive since it doesn't seem to be put together in one simple all in one interface that won't even sync my lists I create on the iPad (c'mon on guys, this is a fairly simple feature to add in). Couple this issue with the disappearing tabs and it makes it hard to have faith in what I'm throwing cash down for.