So there's a tab I found a few hours ago and I still can't figure out the proper position for the chords. They're mostly 7th chords, and I've been looking back and forth for the proper fingering for them for a while now. However, every time I think I've got them down and play along with the song, the chords don't sound right.

The song in question is "Scissorhands":


The tab in question is here: http://nemiu.com/upload/scissor_chode.txt

(Yes, you read the URL correctly).

If worse comes to worse, is there a program that separates the guitar from a track? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
Muse, those are some serious chords! Here are the first few - is this the info you're looking for?

Bm7(9) - x2022x
C#7(9) - x3234x
F#m7(9) - 2x2224 (use your thumb for the bass note, else use 242224 with a barre)

It sounded like the right key, but I honestly only listed to the first couple chords.

If you want to learn something like this, I recommend playing this with Guitar and Drum Trainer software - slow the song down so you can hear the chords better. You can add a little EQ. (check the reviews - I just did a review of this program). Hopefully you have the mp3 to import - if not you can get it from the youtube video.