This underwear by British company Shreddies is designed to stop farts from smelling (+ slideshow). The flatulence-filtering pants have a back panel made from cloth that incorporates a carbon-based material called Zorflex, a material normally used in chemical warfare suits and is capable of stopping smells 200 times stronger than the average fart.

The odour vapours are trapped and neutralised by the carbon, which can be reactivated simply by washing it. Unfortunately it does nothing to muffle sound. The products were invented in 2006 by Paul O'Leary and developed with a team of designers from the Contour Fashion lingerie design course at De Montfort University in Leicester.

Shreddies specialises in healthcare underwear for conditions like incontinence and the range of flatulence underwear was originally intended for people with conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s disease and food intolerances.

Recognising that there could be a much wider market, the company has now launched the products with retailers.

Here's some more information from Shreddies:

Shreddies make amazing pants that filter out odours and have won awards for their innovative design and ability to change lives. In the last few months Shreddies have been taking the first steps into the world of retail and have now signed up 9 retailers including Fenwicks and Bentalls who have prominent department stores across the UK.

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It's a useless invention really. Fart fetishists aren't going to buy underwear that prevents them from smelling their girlfriend's farts.
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It's a useless invention really. Fart fetishists aren't going to buy underwear that prevents them from smelling their girlfriend's farts.

It's for us normal people tho
I think this is the best thing since penicillin.

Fart noises are funny. Getting a whiff of a big eggy fart, not funny. The inventor saw a problem and he solved it. That's how great inventions are made.
I love the smell of my own farts. I pop farts constantly and just sniff 'em up. Sometimes I cup them in my hands for quick transfer to olfaction.
These have actually existed for a long time in a more archaic variation. Charcoal lined underwear, typically marketed to old people and the incontinent.
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