I know a lot of the fingerstyle palyers didn't use a prick, but I'm more curious about gautarists who played rock and roll without a pick. I know Mark Knopfler and Lindsey buckingham, but they just play fingerstyle guitar in rock bands. I'd like to see a rock musician who didn't use a pick that played a more traditional rock sound, like the Stones or ACDC or Aerosmith. Anyone know any gutarists like this that played without a pick? I am curious to check that style out as I haven't seen it accomplished. And don't list Jeff Beck. He hasn't strummed a chord in 30 years. The guy strictly plays scales and solos and doing that with a thumg vs a pick is very common. I am more curious about really good rthymn guitarists who play without a prick. Thanks!
Isn't Jeff Beck dead?

Anyway i'd mention Chris Zoupa (guy who does youtube lessons which now get posted on UG). He udes his middle finger nail instead of a pick and is pretty much up there with any other shredder
Yeah, who the hell told you Jeff Beck was dead?
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Jeff Beck plays chord mate, sometimes, but he does.

I think that in the classic rock genre you'll have a bit of a hard time trying to find someone.

If you go to Jazz you can get more guitarists that wouldn't use a pick.
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Yeah, who the hell told you Jeff Beck was dead?

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Robby Kreiger of the Doors. guy did wonderful things without a pick.
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