Hello friends!

Here's a quick DIY USB variable CC hi-hat controller using a strap-on joystick.
No tools required and the only wiring is twisting a wire.

Thanks to Hellfire (and jmanword and talented others) for inspiration and for the innovative, beautiful and elegant controllers that you've devised! Thanks to SilentSeraph and Vectron for the kind encouragement.

I have been truly inspired by the beautiful work of the DIY vdrum community and I wanted to share this idea in case someone can benefit from it.
This controller connects to a USB jack, into Reaper's joystick midi and into Addictive Drums.
Fun, cheap and functional for those lacking the time, money or talent to procure something better.

Also would work as CC controller for other midi uses...
I called it the NPedal 2 for fun.

Video demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQloZoNKNdw

For those who have a midi switch pedal and also want a more variable hi-hat, I did a similar approach strapping a gamepad joystick to the pedal with, yes, rubber bands and twist ties. This would be the NPedal.

Video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GlBbTdz0lI

The idea percolated when I was trying to encourage drummers to drum more often

I had experimented with making a compact edrum kit at the lowest cost (most accessible) that would function as a reasonable practice and even recording tool. In this way drummers could get into recording and participate in kitchen jams with the guitar players and singers.

Play on, practice, practice, practice and make music!!!

With muchlove and respect,

Noah Nsane