Im looking to get a new guitar for xmas around $500 used or new the type of bands i like are dream theater, iron maiden, buckethead, rob zombie, ozzy. i want a thin type neck for shredding/solos and a standard body like a dinky or soloist dont know the difference between them has to be 24 frets brands im looking at mainly are jackson, ibanez, esp can be new or used im located in the east bay in california around san fran i currently have a ltd m300fm a 60 watt marshal amp i think and a gnx2 multi pedal but my amp/guitar/pedal are in washington currently did i mention im looking for a hss type i think or hsh i dont know why but something is calling me to them i was considering the ibanez rg350 but a few forums flame them hard i mainly want a jackson but hard to choose a decent one for the price i have in mind
also my amp wasnt a big one its like a cheap 150$ one i believe it had an overdrive button toggle on it and maybe like 4 knobs i cant say which one it is because i havent seen it in over a year also its over 10 years old and discontinued
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I'd look for a used ibanez rg1570 prestige or an ibanez rg570. They are essentially the same guitar and in the 500 range. Very solid instrument for the money. Much better hardware/finish than the rg350. The pickups on these guitars aren't the greatest, but overall I think it is about the best bang for buck.
well i didnt get very many replys to this so what if i wanted to buy a NEW guitar for 500 or less for shredding has to have 24 frets and a good trem
Man it's simple, go to musicstore.de and you'll find whatever you want, I personally would say that Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom EX is a good choice. I think that the Epiphone ain't got a trem but it has EMG pickups. But if you're looking for a Jackson or Ibanez, Jackson Slatt XMG 3-6 or Ibanez RGIR 20 E, this last ones may pass just a bit of your price, but it's worth it.
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Just get you a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 xD I will never look back.

I play alot of Avenged Sevenfold, or at least I try. It sounds amazing no matter what style you are going after though. I am not sure how much it costs now days however.
thats gross they have no trem i will only buy either ibanez / esp / jackson / dean and i already have a ltd m300fm but its at my parents and they being a turd about sending me my stuff
i also had the les paul studio gibson before that but i hated it good tone too heavy too fat no trem
Seriously the above advice about the rg1570/570 is very solid. They are great guitars. Just buy one and forget about the Jackson. The 570 was the predecessor to the 1570 which is a prestige ibanez. They can both be had for around $400. You won't regret it.
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the thing with the rg1570 is i cant stand ibanez pickups and wont have the money to change them for another year