I'll try and condense the relevant info. Hi, my band have recently finished what we consider our first serious release, which included a bunch of studio time, working with a professional producer, and sending them off to Scotland to be mastered.

I am personally looking for critique from a musically-focused audience, so I've assumed this would be the safest sub-forum to post in. Now, whilst I'm flattered by the kind words of friends & fans that have given me feedback EP (and I don't mean to sound bitter) "I really like x track" or "I love it, well done" etc isn't constructive to me - I don't mind hearing what your gut reaction is to it. I would like to know what you enjoyed, what you don't like, and what you would like to hear in the future. To further reinforce such, I already have my own ideas about this, I don't listen through the tracks and think everything is perfect

The whole EP (5 tracks) is around 16-17 minutes long, so I'll readily give you an in-depth C4C of your work.

You can stream the whole thing for free from Bandcamp (the paid download is simply a gesture):

I'm not looking to plug, but there are links to our pages on a few social media sites on the bandcamp page - if you genuinely like what we do you'll be updated with whatever comes out next by liking/following us.

Initial Thoughts : Picture is bad. EP name is cool but the band name is kinda lame IMO

As I listen :

Hold Fast - beginning sounds very chili peppers. I like. The lead guitar in the verse is sweet. The vocals don't fit the music in my opinion...weakest part of the song. Until the chorus comes in! chorus is great. Funky, good movement, good interplay. Good transitions between parts. Singer reminds me of AFI singer...which no offense but kind of annoys me on the verses at least. The 'C' section is interesting and pretty cool. My favorite part of the song. All in all a solid song, especially for an opening EP. Fun, fast, energetic, well thought out. My only advice would be i think this would be awesome as a 3 minute song on the EP and then extend it during live performance.
**ignore the 'first song part'. it played first for me for some reason. IMO it should be first

Scraps - First part doesnt do a whole lot for me. But when it picks up for (guess) the chorus it is pretty cool. You hit the same vein that the other song hit at its best moments. The guitar interlude is sweet, I like your guitarist(s). Good tone too, the recording quality is definitely there.

Priceless - Once again, love the guitar work. Singing still bothers me. I could see him doing a mars volta kind of vocal performance but it seems hes not 100% into it. It doesnt quite hit like it potentially could. At this point, the weakest part of this experience so far. Guitar Interlude is SWEET on this one. Dig how it wraps back in too. More solo at the end

Colours - funky guitars here again. At this point id like to see you guys switch up the style/feel a little more. This is a good, solid tracks, just like the others. But theres nothing that jumps out at me that makes this more special than the others. But the guitar work in the middle, with the slight flamenco flavor, is pretty sweet. Interplay between guitars is good again in the verses. Vocals are a little better on this one tho

Smoke and Mirros - same crit as above

All in all you guys have talent and some good songwriting. I understand the idea of trying to really push your style on the EP but some diversity would be nice. And the singing is an issue I think. Other than that, cool stuff. If i saw you guys open or something for a concert i would definitely be impressed. Good work

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32119948#post32119948
ab ovo,
"Hold Fast": Audio quality is good, but a bit loud on higher frequencies, but I'm sensitive to that. Singing is good. Melodies are pretty good, but I don't think most of them are super catchy (a lot of sharps/flats I'm guessing), but that is purely subjective. Playing is tight! Bass playing is impressive. Please review my music at this link:

"Hold Fast". Like someone said above me, the beginning riff/section reminds me a lot of RHCP circa "Mother's Milk". The singer has a nice tone but I think the melodies could be better and that is why the emotion doesn't come through so much. I'm not sayin it's bad, it's a great song, I like the mix of R&B elements with Funk/Funk Rock, it's a great sound I just think it needs to be tweaked a little bit. Give your singer so cocaine before next practice lololol.
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Doug the cactus rode the pavement for our sins.
I'm sure you get this a lot but I love the Minus The Bear feel to it all. I love it. Your singer has a super original voice, really cuts through for me.
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