Hey guys,

I'm new to the forums, and I'm still trying to figure everything out...

Anyway, I'm planning out my pedal board and I have a few questions:

Where does the noise gate go? I know it goes before the Reverb and Delays, but does it go before the Flanger too?

And also, what does everyone think about those Ernie Ball Wahs?

Thanks in advance!
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WELL!!! the noise gate should go where you need it to go. For example if you have noisy single-coil pickups... then it should be the first thing so you don't process and amplify the 60 cycles hum. If your noise level is OK, but when you activate one effect you can hear, you can put it after that particular pedal in the pedal chain. If you have a very overdriven amp, you might consider putting it just before going to the amp so noise is not distorted (which is why some people only use stratocaster are just for clean and slightly distorted sounds). Lastly is for signal chain has ups and down points if could be the very last thing before your modulations (e.g. reverb, delay, etc).

A very important note here is that if there is some noise in your signal you could find where it is coming from and replace the piece of gear that is not working properly. Some examples are:

Your pickups and electronics: Some people don't know that pickups, pots and soldering in a guitar do not last for ever. They age and at some point you have to replace them. If you have a noisy pot, jack, or pick up it should be replaced to avoid noise. Also checking that everything is properly grounded is very important

Cable: This is another thing that needs to be replace every once in a while. Cable plugs damage over time, if a cable produces noise, better to get a new one. This applies to jumper pedal cables as well.

Pedals: Some pedals are noisy by design, if you like the sound of the effect, then put the gate after it. If you think you can get something better, perhaps you should.

I hope this comment helps cheers mate