Long story short, I want my first 7 string. A local store has a brand new RG7421 in white at a good price. I've read that they're good guitars if you replace the pickups?

Anyone own / played one?

Or would it be better to just buy a higher model straight away?

Just looking for opinions, and whether its worth me driving into town and trying one.

Cheers, Jay.
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Have you considered looking for one of the older 7421s? They were Made in Japan and I think the necks feel miles better than the Korean and Indonesian models. Plus you can nab them for cheaper than the new ones! I got an RG7620 (basically a 7421 with a Lo Pro 7 Edge) for $280 with the OSCH not too long ago.
If you are looking to buy new then the 7421 is a pretty good starter 7 string. I bought a 7321 a while back (same specs, iirc) and I still love to play it.

As mentioned above, a used 7620 will get you more band for your buck, though. Even a used 7321/7421 will save you money. I got my 7321 used for $200.
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