just something I made since I haven't been making a lot of music and had the urge to let something out....yes there are some errors. But alas these are the problems of a man who buys all forms of equipment from pawn shops, vintage places and anywhere else selling unusual/old equipment.


oh yea heres the lyrics.

kill world wide famine
cause the rich dont understand em.
Cause im third world, with a first world
middle finger and a hurl
along with her locks and her curls. She said....
You dont wanna go that route.
Your mind is filled with doubt
and shes right, and im.....WRONG.

well your falling under, your first world wonders of humanity stuck with the breeze

so who do you blame?
A dictator with many names
a celebrity with all the fame
for reasons all the same
the tabloids play their game

a Celebrities budding fame
Dont you know theyre all the same
breaking cameras with the dame
and after all I dont even remember their names

kill worldwide hunger
cause the rich live longer
they care not for the low
when your high you dont wanna know
(your just gonna reap what you sow)
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Kind of quirky & odd, though I like it. Kind of psychedelic in a way; at least it played that way inside my brain. Somehow it all works for me: the sum is greater than the parts. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:


I bit my tongue when tempted to make crack jokes, by the way.
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the one thing that bothers me is the discrepancy between the lyrics and the music. the lyrics are more like punk rock material and the music is, well, absolutely odd and phantasmagoric. therefore, i think the parts are better than the sum.
an explosion of ideas makes it all sound pretty chaotic. been there myself.
@betty boop : two things....first I've never had anyone say my music is phantasmagoric. Hell I've never even heard someone use that word in general. Second... yeah explosion of ideas is exactly how the song was created.

@aaron aardvark : You don't have to bite your tongue. People in Toronto make fun of that crack head piggy much more then you'd think. And as for your music....done.