Hi can anybody recommend a decent tuner for android that can do drop d, tuning down a half step and more? Thanks
I use gstrings. It's chromatic so you can tune whatever you like. It's free, ad supported. They make some paid for one now but I think the original is still available.
It even shows the actual frequency, very useful when fault finding.

However I feel that I must mention that UG has a tuner app. It costs something, can't remember how much.
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I use Datuner lite. Same as above, chromatic, free, tiny little ad banner. Of course, this is for when I am somewhere without my rig.
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Yeah Gstrings is great. It does get bit confused when going down to baritone tunings but I bet thats because of the phone mic and not the app itself. But with a help of 12 fret harmonics it gets them tuned too.

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Yep, Gstrings is where its at.
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