I managed to put together a nice bass amp stack.

It started when I bought a peavy KB-100 amp at a yard sale. I brought it home to find the magnet was broken! I later acquired a peavy XR-400B head amp. I was looking for a quality vintage 15" driver to put in the peavy cab, and I wanted to be able to use it with the head unit. Last week, my friend found a JBL 2225H driver, so I bought it for a good price. Fit perfectly! But I couldn't connect the head amp to just the speaker in the kb100 cab. So I had to mod it. I added a jack on the back of the kb100 amp, the kind with a DPDT switch built in. I wired it so when I plug another amp in, it disconnects the kb100 amp from the driver so the outputs of two amps will never be connected. But I can still use the kb100 amp as a backup.

It is a great sounding combo. Would work nice with a tube head one day maybe.

I need to buy a bass. I have one on loan for a friend but I'd like my own soon, maybe a 5 string.

Pics here:
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