I've been wanting to get a flat body les paul and I'm rocking between the EC-10 and the Special II. Any suggestions?
Save up your money and buy something used. Those guitars are complete throwaways.
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Well I don't know if this even helps but I actually prefer my EC1000 over my LP Studio.
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^ it doesn't help. Those guitars are a completely different comparison. Like first mentioned, do not get either of those guitars. They're garbage. Buy a used epiphone g400

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^That's also useless, he said LP not SG... Is the Gibson LP Melody Maker a flat top?
If you're looking to spend as little as possible I would just save up an extra $30 and get an EC50 over the EC10. The pickups aren't the best but it's a great guitar for the money.
I'm not really looking for a super nice guitar. As long as it can keep a tuning for a few songs and has a good neck I'm fine with it. I already have a nice guitar and I'm used to tuning my crap guitar after every song. I don't want an SG. Pick ups don't make a big difference to me. I can replace those.
Either way, forget the ones in the original post, you'll be retuning every 2nd bar of every song, literally pieces of shit... Get a second hand Epi LP Standard for a couple of hundred. Don't even contemplate lesser than that as its guaranteed to be a shitbox too.
I disagree. I like my friend's special II. I already have a standard size Les Paul. Don't need another one.
Well for the LTD; in the end you get a guitar that is different more likely tonally and also has a nicer neck (just personally) A guitar more likely responsive in different styles of music than what a les paul can do by itself.

The Epiphone is a very versatile guitar however and can cover more ground than an Ec-10 probably could due to its more warmer tone with the pickups. The Epiphone's pickups are pretty versatile unless you upgrade it. The Ec-10's pickups are very bright and sharp which you may like or not at all... But you can also upgrade the Ec-10 then you get one probably with a nicer neck and as warm sound.

However if you aren't going to upgrade pickups, You can go for the Les paul special II; I have heard good tone clips out of those guitars. This is just my experience however. Everyone else may have a different experience from mine.
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Like they keep saying, save your money and get something better. But id say go with an ltd ec-50.
If you really wanted a budget and or beginner guitar get the Les Paul. It was my first guitar ever and i played on it for about 3 years until i really needed a new guitar. It's great for learning stuff and can handle almost any genre.

Save for atleast 50 serie LTD if you want to stick to new guitars over used. My F-50, while cheap and has a finish thicker than the wood underneath it, is a joy to play and holds tune really well. Balance is also the best ouf of all my guitars. Sounds good too after I did a pickup swap.

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