Fantastic track. I love laid back/chilled out music at the moment so this was a pleasure to listen to.

Great sounds and tones all in all, warm but clear guitar tone, the bass tone sits perfectly in the mix and the phased keyboard is wonderful. The only thing that grinds with me a little is the drums sounding too programmed, particularly the ride and hi-hats lack a complexity or washyness that would fit smoothly in the mix. I love the accompaniment in the build up in the first section, and the modulation into the 'B' section is fantastic. Great to hear someone who doesn't leave the bass out, and the result is strong and interesting groove throughout. I don't think a comment on the guitar playing is necessary. But inventive use of scales and melody, along with a few more signature jazz licks. I realised that I REALLY like the phased keyboard riff from the first section when it comes back in at about 3:30. This reminds me of a more chilled Dave Martone track. I'll find myself giving this more listens

Would like to hear your thoughts on my EP (link in my signature), my band has quite a big jazz/funk influence - although critiquing the whole thing would be a favor of sorts, seeing as it is 5 tracks as opposed to one.
I occasionally play surf rock, even got several of them played on a radio station. I'm not sure I'd call your tune surf rock, though it would work with surf video shots. Your lead guitar reminds me of a cross between Jeff Beck and Eric Lifeson (Rush), so take that as a compliment. This song sounds 70's to me, which is fine by me. Very nice song & recording! I met Dick Dale once after one of his concerts. Perhaps you could review my music at this link: