If anybody could point me in the right direction for scales and how to build dissonant chords. I'm really looking to improve my writing which over the past year has been becoming more and more math rocky in my rhythms. Check out some Don Caballero to hear what I'm talking about.

Oh, and yeah I'm new to the UG threads, but have loved the site for years
I think sounds are more important. The same scales are used within all styles of music, so it's not going to matter to much which scale you use. What matters is what sounds you are trying to create.

If you want to become more math-rocky in your rhythms, i would suggest you study math rock. Learn it by ear, get it into your head. Then you can analyze what scales and chords are being used and in what context. I could just tell you that A7b9 is a great dissonant chord, but unless you've heard it in context that it resolves to a Dmaj7 you would have no idea how to use it.

The knowledge that we have the most use for is the one that we have to work for. If you want knowledge about how to write math rock, learn math rock. Do it by ear and analyze it.
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Learn basic music theory. Diminished and dominant-7th are your basic dissonant chords.

Learn to count to non 4/4 rhythms and sub-divide them to non symmetrical patterns.

4/4 can be played as 3/4 + 1/4 or 1/4 + 3/4

15/8 can be played as 3/8 + 3/8 + 2/8 + 3/8 + 1/8 + 3/8

ha i just played around with that last one and it's kinda awesome.