I have a question regarding double neck guitars.

I have always had a feeling that the necks on double neck guitars are way too much apart.

I would like to have a double neck but with necks that are more close one to another.
Can somebody name me such a model ?

It can be a 2 neck guitar, a guitar + 12 string or guitar + bass, i don't really mind.

Please don't suggest the Stick or 10 string guitars or anything similar, what I am searching for is a double neck with necks close one to another.

Thank you in advance.
Why do you want the necks close together? It would actually be more of a hindrance.

I used to have a twin neck, 6&12 string with the 12 at the top & the 6 underneath. The 12 string neck was really awkward to get to because the other neck got in the way of my wrist when playing barre chords.

I'd seriously recommend trying one to see how you get on with it before deciding you want the necks closer together for aesthetic reasons.
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can't agree more with GaryBillington on this. i play a 6/12 dillion and wish i could move the necks farther apart
I guess something like a Tele head on the upper neck and a reverse Tele head on the lower neck would work nicely, even with very tightly spaced double necks. Never seen anything like that, though.

12-strings and bass aside, the second neck could have a different scale, like those Gretsch Jets with a 30" scale baritone neck.

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Quote by realsmoky

I have always had a feeling that the necks on double neck guitars are way too much apart.

I don't think you'd retain that feeling if you'd played a few double necks for a while. You really need that space.
Short of a custom instrument, the pickings are mighty slim when it comes to doubleneck guitars. To get what you want, you will almost certainly have to go with a custom build. Most doublenecks made by the major manufacturers do not venture far from the specs for the Gibson doubleneck.
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