Im trying to learn to fingerpick by myself, and I have this problem - sometimes the fingers touch the wrong strings and ruins the harmony of the melody..
How do you train your fingers to always pick the right strings? Or.. how to pick more accurately?

Please advice!
Peace out dudes!
practice - and practice as slowly as you need to to play things right. i used to hit the other strings when i started playing, but practice let me get to know the fingerboard very well and it hasn't happened to me in decades.
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I'd say start slowly with whatever you're trying to learn. I usually start slowly then go faster and faster, and if I find myself consistently messing up at a certain speed I slow down again and continue the process until my fingers are more comfortable. Good luck!
Learn to read ahead. This will help you by not being caught off guard about an approaching chord change.
Practice, practice, practice... I took a couple years of classical guitar lessons, and that really helped me. But of course it really wasn't the lessons... it was the practice.
Concentrate on chord picking, if your trying to play a song that requires you have to hit certain strings will be twice as hard to learn. Forget that for now and get comfortable with picking patterns till you can do it in the dark and half asleep. Then those songs will come much more natural to you because your fingers will already have trained to pick patterns on there own, all you have to do at that point is let them know what strings not to hit or hit at different times. Easier said then done at times !
Yes all the above advice is well spoken, slow at first, then slowly increase your speed but - doing it right, not half right.
When you get the hang of it, you'll say why didn't I learn this a long time ago. It's awesome...
For most songs as long as the strings your accidently hitting are part of the chord it's usually ok.
If you like Limp Bizkit, Behind Blue Eyes is an great tune and has a excellent picking pattern, then chords then back to picking...ect. It was the first song I learn to finger pick and still my all time favorite for sure.
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While slow is good. You should go slow and focus on a specific part of the song, and work on that until you can play it at full speed without messing up and continue on until you do the whole song.
Start at the lowest tempo you can play it perfectly at, and stay there until you can play it perfectly for 5 minutes straight. Do this until it's perfect 10 times in a row (50 minutes total), then move up 10bpm and repeat. Do this for 8 hours a day and you'll be a pro in no time.
"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." -some dude
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