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Oliver got lost and booooooooored
0 0%
5 50%
Asbestos kills
2 20%
Who the **** is Oliver
3 30%
Voters: 10.
Because Australia is remarkably overfed with cheese and salted almonds suck like my chair, my comfy table and my television got stolen because my backpack has weird stuff in it. Furthermore, I believe it's a colossal mistake to let Casablanca reign in terror. Why? Because Bucharest has buildings in every major street. EVERY MAJOR STREET! And that is why I think my Oliver zips.
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That pear looks vaguely like a Sam pear
My thoughts exactly
Not sure if a sig is a necessity.
are you the resident raving hobo?
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Jesus Christ since when is the Pit a ****ing courtroom...

Like melodic, black, death, symphonic, and/or avant-garde metal? Want to collaborate? Message me!
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Worst spambot ever.

Your mom is a spambot. Or Oliver, whatever floats your boat.
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Was that your answer to a mad-lib of some kind?

I'm with this.

In my restless dreams...
I see that town.
Silent Hill.
You promised you'd take me there again someday.
But you never did.

Well, I'm alone there now.
In our 'special place'...
Waiting for you.

Quote by Baby Joel
That pear looks vaguely like a Sam pear
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Okay he zips, but can oliver twist?


/thread closed 4evar

Oliver approves.