Hey guys, I've got a WayHuge Aquapuss mk 2 delay pedal. Up until now i always used adapters for my pedals so it works fine with an adapter but wont get power from a battery. the battery is brand new. i opened the box up and I dont see any obvious soldering issues with the wire from the battery to the circuit board. so its out of my league.

any ideas whats going on here?
don't use batteries with high-current pedals like delays. you'll get about 10-20 minutes usage until the battery's drained. that said, i don't know why it's not working at all, especially with a brand new battery. just use an adapter.
It will almost certainly be the battery clip. The most common fault is the wiring where it attaches to the board but as you've ruled that out I would simply replace the clip with a new one.
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