So tomorrow I am getting a Epiphone S300 used and I haven't figured out what amp I should get. I am mostly into Ska-punk and hardcore stuff. Here are my favorite bands if that help(In order somewhat):
The Suicide Machines
Streetlight Manifesto
Minor Threat
Operation Ivy
Bad Brains
and last but not least D.R.I

I have to go really cheap and stuff, because I am not trying to let my parents spend a lot of money on me. Anyway, i was probably thinking about getting either a Epiphone Studio 15r or a Line 6 Spider III 15w both used. Suggestions or whatever are welcome.
peavey viper of some kind.
I shouldn't post when drunk..

15 Jackson SLATHX-m 3-7 Slime green
Squier std tele (modded to hell)

Engl Powerball
Laney Ironheart 60h
Zilla Superfatboy 2x12 v30's

Yea a peavey viper would be pretty good for some different styles. It gots effects,nice cleans and plenty of high gain for some dri. I got the 75 watt version and its pretty good for bedroom practice. Here is a video of me playing the first solo of how could from cynic with my peavey vypyr.http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sP3xLnWseLE&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DsP3xLnWseLE
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