I have a active ESP LTD F-104 bass with 2-band EQ and theres a problem with it. Randomly the sound just dies. I mean as if the amp is turned off. Yes, I have tried diffrent cords and amps and the problems lay in the bass somewhere.

Now heres the thing. I can pull, turn and slap the pots without anything happening. I see no breakage in the soldering and when the sound dies, I can pull out the cord from the jack and reconnect it and the bass usually works again. I have checked the jack and its ok, no bends, corrosion or bad soldering.

What could this be?

(Also I tried figuring out the correct forum for this thread so if I am posting in the wrong one I apologize)

Have tried replacing the battery in the bass?
Damn it! Disable can't use disable to disable Disable's disable because disable's disable has already been disabled by Disable's disable!
Well of course I have. Tho it wouldnt be first time I had a simple problem I think the pre-amp/EQ prob gone to hell. I just kinda need someone else to say so. lol