I am thinking about the Ampeg BA108. I am just jamming with a guitarist using a Fender Frontman 25R, so we don't have to get stupid loud here. Until now I have been using my other friends bass amp but I stopped jamming with his band so now I am back on my own and need to invest in a cheap little amp to use. Thoughts?
Looks good, but you may want something with a bigger speaker. 8" speakers tend to sound not good on bass amps, a little tinny. I would recommend at least a 10" speaker.
Other than that, the question is: Does it sound good to you?
I bought my Fender BXR 10 years ago as a stop-gap when I couldn't afford a really nice amp. I ended up sticking with it because I really dug the sound. I think I paid less than 200 bucks for it used.
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my wife uses a ba-108. works well and a low price. at the time she bought it I tried talking her into getting something with a bigger speaker but she wouldn't I thought she would eventually be unhappy but she is not she still uses it for practice and jamming with me and it does sound good so it should work well for your needs
I tried a 'low end' bass amp...sounds like crap (one of the $100ish 8" low wattage). It's a peavey but I'm not sure the brand matters at this size/price point.
It's IS portable if that matters.

I upgraded to a fender rumble 75 - sounds fantastic and was on sale new at GC last spring for $229. Size wise it's not bad to fit in a car, not the lightest out there but it sounds fantastic and It can keep up with other instruments.