I've recently joined the site and have been trying to submit some tabs, but so far no success with 3/5 being rejected.

I only tab out mainly solos of songs that are a challenge for me to transcribe and attempt to learn. They maybe be a bit rough, as I've only tabbed them out in notepad, for my rhythm theory is severely lacking to be able to tab them out in guitar pro.

When I've viewed them they look perfectly normal, so the formatting looks fine, and the rest of the reasons seem so copy and pasted I don't even know the real reason to why they have been rejected. (If the formatting is the reason, I'm baffled to why they look ok on the preview).

I've only submitted tabs for solos that I've worked out by ear (not stolen), and I'd like to believe they are quite accurate;

The three tabs were rejected all for pretty baffling reasons, with the exception of a Dream Theater tab, with the reason being 'too many versions'. There is only one text version of the solo, and it's far from complete, yet mine is rejected so fast.

One reason on my tab of Wes Hauch solo from The Faceless song; Autotheist Movement II Emancipate was "** Tab has been corrected", how am I to even know what this means, are you referring to my tab? someone else's tab?

Also another tab I've had rejected was a solo for Everything's Beautiful by Akeldama with the standard copy and paste responses. There is no other tab available for this, and I'd like to believe it's more than accurate enough.

So, I'm left feeling quite frustrated, and I don't really have any explanation to why my tabs have been rejected, and I have no way to question the rejection either, what am I to do? Constantly resubmit them and hope someone else votes for them?

Apologies for the frustration, and again if this is in the wrong section of the forum, any replies will be appreciated.

Ok I will forward it to that section, thanks for the helpful reply.