Hi readers.

I don't have any idea where to post this S.O.S so I'm sorry if it's not the correct place.

I have a big problem with the Ibanez JEM 7V I bought less than one year ago.

While I needed to use some sustained notes around the 15th and 17th fret on my G string a week ago, I noticed a weird noise ! You can hear it on youtube @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAmkwapdABY

So I removed my ME-70 and plugged my guitar directly to my mesa boogie road king head. Same noise !

So I took my little VT30 to see if the amp was involved, but exactly the same noise

I went back to the store (really professional one) to check if the other guitars were doing it, and some of the good ones (LAG, gibson etc...) were doing it with more or less presence. I checked on the internet and some others have the same issue... http://music.stackexchange.com/questions/4307/strange-guitar-warble-sound

Last week end I went to a luthier's workshop, and after checking the radius, the frets, the bridge, the floyd rose tremolo, moving down the pickups to avoid an unwanted induction problem, he decided to call the french ibanez service to know why this is happening because obviously there is no unwanted contact with a fret, and no electrical issue.

The man told him that he doesn't have any different solution from the ones the luthier already tried so people I need your help before next week end, so that I'll know if I have to send back or not my guitar to ibanez to get a new one.
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It's to do with the design of modern guitars and with the G string on modern guitars being unwound. I had this same issue on a Ibanez Prestige, and the solution was to change the battery on the pre-amp because it had piezo's installed.

The battery replacement didn't fix the problem (there's no way to fix it as far I know) but the battery change improved the tone of the guitar (as the old battery was running low) and this in turn made the quavering effect on the G string effect less noticeable. But all guitars have this inherent design fault, even on guitars which do not sound like they do have a fault - you can probably notice the G string will sustain a little less than the other strings which would prove the fault is still there. And also on any guitar you can just pluck the G string without fretting and look carefully at how the string vibrates, it will have a bouncing/wobble effect much more so than the B and E strings, and this is what causes the quivering effect as the note dies out and also the loss of sustain.

I would look at ways to the improve the guitars tone. You could tune down the G string by about 15 cents. Increase the action. Maybe change the pickups or make sure they're installed properly. The guitar does sound a bit harsh in those clips, maybe the action is too low or there's a bad solder joint.
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If it's a matter of design why is it not solved yet ? I hope the luthier will say tomorrow "I found my way out this issue"
Unfortunately, after all of the mecanical adjustments, there's only 1 solution remaining to solve the problem : having the welds and magnets of the pickups checked
Finally the dealer and I decided to call the Ibanez Salesman to return the guitar to their workshop.

After a huge time spent (2 months) in the french workshop working for the ibanez after sales service, my JEM 7V finally comes back to me as bas as it was before so I'm really pissed off ! (and so is the dealer)

The Ibanez Salesman say they can't do anything more but sending a new JEM 7V to me to see if the sound buzz is less obvious.

They sent the new one and it has exactly the same problem but it's a bit less obvious...

I forgot to mention that instead of the ME-70 i now have a GT-100 so as the bad sound is there whatever the multieffects unit is, it's definitely coming from the guitar...

How can Ibanez cheat on the JEM7V quality as Steve gave his name to promote their guitars ?
That is terrible service. I would be upset.

I have the same issue (to a much, much lesser extent) with all of my guitars. I just assumed it had to do with the string being non-wound, as mentioned above. Using a lighter string gauge has mad it less noticeable to me.
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