I ordered an Eminence Wizard but the seller shipped it in a shoddy box. The box was a little too small and it looks like the speaker shifted around in there and the outer edge of the cone kind of sat on the right angle of the styofoam during transit. As a result the speaker has an indented spot on the side of the cone. It sort of warps the whole thing. Where the speaker should be even and circular, parts of it are kind of elliptical and uneven now.

I know these speakers are engineered kind of scientifically... this kind of warp cant be good.

What do you guys think? I wasnt able to fix it with my fingers, like pop it back... the warp remains. Do you think some use (like running a PA into it for 20 hrs or something) might straighten it out/undo the warping or is this basically a loss?
Seller was really cool and refunded me. Sad cause it was a beautiful brand new speaker. He should have just shipped it in the Eminence box it probably came in rather than stuffing it into a USPS pre-made box that was like 1/2" too short.

I think I'll give it some power for a while and see if the vibrations magically straighten it out or something.
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It's broken and not repairable (at least for a reasonable price). Just replace it.
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