Can someone figure out what is the simple picking pattern in the intro of the above song? I suppose it's in C major but I am unsure about the actual notes.

This unplugged version has those notes fairly clear so it might be easier to figure out from there:


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Based On The Cd Version And Not This Live Version He Plays This

E ------0-----0-------0---1-0----|------0-------0-----0-1-|
B -1-3----1-3----1-3----------3--|-1-3----1-3----1-3----1-|
G -------------------------------|----------------------2-|
D -------------------------------|----------------------3-|
A -------------------------------|------------------------|
E -------------------------------|------------------------|
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From what I can make out it sounds something like this based on the C chord...and the B,G, and D strings

So hold the C chord and then play the first 2,0,1 slower and then speed up the 2nd and 3rd one as shown...Then repeat....that seems to be all he is doing there... maybe just a slight variation....but not much


E -----------------------------------
B -------1---1--1---------1----1--1--
G ----0-----0--0-------0------0--0---
D -2-------2--2-----2--------2--2----
A -----------------------------------
E -----------------------------------

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If I could hear it better I could getit exact...but on the little computer speakers I have sometimes I can hardly hear anything...lol... But basically that is all he is doing.. If you look at his fingers he isn't moving them at all holding the C chord... So it has to be just hitting strings in a certain order... And he is doing it basically on those lower strings...
I see. He also does some picking stuff in the middle of the song too, but that should be similar to this I believe.