Hello everyone! So I'm considering auditioning at my university for jazz on electric bass, and I have been recommended to perform some jazz standards. Only problem is, I'm not familiar with any that would showcase myself on solo bass.

Suggestions? Names, artists, video links, tab links, anything will do for me.

Thanks, and cheers!
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Seven Minds--Rufus Reid's version on Doublebass Delights is sweet.

Nice bass centered melody line with a fun chord structure to solo over.
Thing about jazz is, almost any tune will work. Google "beginner jazz tunes/standards", and find a melody that speaks to you. Chances are, you can find a chart for it online. Blues is probably the most basic form to learn and start playing over (Blue Monk, Au Privave, Opus De Funk...).

As for the audition, include the head, rhythm section comping/walking and soling. If you can, find a backing track to help you hear the changes/harmonic foundation, IE: Abersold/Band in a Box, and use it (if allowed) for the audition.