so i have a buckshot reverend that i tend to do a lot of rhythm with. ive been wondering if a compressor pedal would help thicken or blend chords better? anyone else have a single coil guitar that uses a compressor?
this is no help, but it really depends on what you mean by "thicken" and "blend". It might do. Some compressors colour your tone a bit (and can normally also be used to boost, which can also thicken your tone), and a compressor will even out the volume so might well make chords "blend" better.
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I use an Alesis NanoCompressor with a telecaster, and the chords sound a bit better.
The lack of attack in particular makes them betterif you ask me, so you could just try lowering your tone and volume a bit and see if it gets better.
If it doesn't at all, you probably don't want a compressor.
If it does but it's not enough, ya do.
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The simple answer is yes, a compressor should work for what you desire. I play heavier rock, but I still use a Strat with Texas Specials as my main guitar, and I've been looking into getting a compressor myself to thicken my tone up just a tad when it's needed.

I recommend checking out some of the compressors on the market with blend knobs, which will allow you to mix the compressed signal in with your non-compressed signal. Check into the Xotic SP compressor, I've heard really great things about this from multiple reliable sources. It's around $120 new, IIRC. Guyatone makes a compressor with a blend switch that has high-med-low blend options, not a knob, but it has good reviews and is a cheaper option (around $80, IIRC). I forget the model name, but I know it's a green pedal.
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Thicken your chords? No. Even them out across the entire performance? Definitely.
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