Hopefully I named this properly. What I'm looking to do is build something that I can't seem to find how I want it. I'm currently doing research that will hopefully result in my new bass rig and am stuck on signal routing. I'm planning to use a dual channel 31 band eq as the last component before my power amp. the eq only has XLR outputs and the amp only has XLR inputs. I'll also be running dual preamps in parallel and I need a way to keep the signals separate for the amp yet combine them into a single signal for use as a DI for the FOH system. What i'm looking to have is pretty much a blank front (this will be rack mounted like everything else), with all the jacks on the rear. I'll have an XLR input from each channel on the eq, an XLR output for each of the two channels on the power amp, then an XLR output for FOH. anroblem but the electrical side of things might be an issue so i'm asking around to see who knows what. anybody got any suggestions?