Nice song man! I really like the part around 45 seconds in. It reminds me of the soundtrack to the game Uncharted, which is cool. It sounds really good! The only critique I have is I wish it was longer!
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I'm wondering what you're using on the intro percussion, or perhaps you're playing a real instrument. I myself own toontrack Latin Percussion. Sounds nice & sounds like it did come from various parts of the world. Nice keyboards & melodies. Please review my music at this link:


Thanks man. The percussion is a ceramic hand drum recorded in my bathroom

For software instruments I use Logic Legacy (Strings, Brass, Piano).
The glockenspiel, 2 of the violins, percussion and flute section are live audio.

Will give yours a listen now.
Thanks for comments

I like how you started this with percussion and when that piano fades in this definetly sounds like soundtrack music. You have good sense on chords and melody. I enjoyed how the song grows, then theres little breakdown and it starts to grow again. In UG forum theres so much metal and rock songs so thats one reason why is so nice to hear this kind of music.
Don't know how I stumbled here but I'm glad I did. Sounds great and like JWG2007, I would've loved it to be longer. Great job, I really love cinematic music so keep it up!

Feel free to check out my band's two songs if you have time, my brother who plays keys in the band is also into orchestral composing.