I have used this locally made les paul of mine for about 7 years now and i have just recently discovered how great pickups can change the output sound. (yeah i know. stupid -_-)

Unfortunately the "great" pickups are costing more than i could possibly afford so i went looking for affordable but "good" pickups. i already bought a Tesla VR-Extreme (neck) and was planning to buy the same pickup but for the bridge position.

Now i saw this EMG-Hz H4 and i liked the reviews about it. It would really cost more than i could do but since a got the tesla for a really low price i thought i could spend more for the other one. And i would really like the contrast appearance-wise between these two humbuckers i think it would be cool

The questions are:
1. would the sound turn okay if i turned both pickups on? (turn the switch to the middle i mean) or is there no possible way to know other than testing it for myself?
2. does what i'm planning even make sense? xD or should i stick to tesla pickups? if not im open for recommendations from the pros here (oh stop it you..)

i mainly do alternative rock, sometimes blues/rock but i like shreds when i do solos, not for the whole solo tho. thats the reason i bought the tesla. sorry for the tl;dr and advance thanks!
Given that they're both passive pickups, there should not be any problems with them working together. I can't say whether or not they would sound good together, but that's a matter of opinion anyway.
a lot of people don't much like EMG HZs

there are plenty of cheaper pickup manufacturers who get decent reviews (tonerider, irongear, entwistle etc.) but I haven't tried them.
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