So I've been dabbling in the world of Ring Modulation as of late, and it's been fun. I purchased the Way Huge Ringworm, and have gotten some pretty interesting sounds out of it. And playing with the expression pedal is always fun.

However, as much as I've enjoyed messing around with sounds and have found some great stuff - I feel a little lost when it comes to applying this effect to my playing. Could anyone suggest some things to try, or maybe even some music to listen to for ideas? I'm loving the sounds, but I just can't seem to find a way to "use" it properly, if that makes sense to anyone.

I use my weird effects in a way that I can no other describe as drum-fill like.
So, you know, a drummer is doing his thing, making beat and holding the groove together, making the song sound the way it's supposed to, and then BOOM, drum fill! It lasts usually no more than one bar

I do the same thing with weird effects, but maybe for even less than a bar. Play what you should be playing, and then BOOM!, add in some weirdness, spice up the playing, improve!

Yeah, that's what I can offer ya
Maybe tom morello used some w/audioslave. May be a whammy though. It could spark some inspiration. Their first album is best.
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I use the ring modulator type setting on my Strymon Mobius, coupled with a bit of octave up and down, plus some ambient delay and/or reverb, you get a really awesome church bell sound when striking notes or chords.

I find it works best with power chords, ie just two strings or so, usually the lower strings. The A5 chords sounds the best to me, maybe church bells ring in the key of A? No clue, but it sounds cool, and I've used it as a background noise that I'll loop into stuff I'm writing.
I find that ring mods sound best with other effects. It's one of those things that you need to experiment with and let your own creative evil genius run wild. The crazier you get, the better. Ring mods have a tough time being subtle so don't be afraid to go all out.
It's a pretty exotic effect in some ways. You just have to dial in some stuff and see what you like.

It's basically a high frequency tremolo. Just mess with the depth and frequency, and any other options you can get.
Probably not for melodic stuff, but for some funky sounds when you want to throw that in there.
Thanks guys.
Nice to see there's some other Ring Moduteers out there!

I've gotten some bell-like sounds before with a mid-high frequency, with a dash of the sine wave LFO for a bit of motion. But I found it more effective at the higher range of the guitar.

Also the drum fill analogy is actually kind of appropriate haha some of my favorite sounds I've gotten so far have been very percussive
Doesn't Black Sabbath - Paranoid solo have a ring mod?
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