for some strange reason i plan my funeral out often, its probaly not healthy but i figure girls plan their wedding since they were young so i plan my funeral. anyhew ive so far come to the conclusion shooting star by bad company would be probably at the start while the whole lot of 5 people walk in and sit down and id have something played in the background softly while people rant on with shit while the priest bangs on about un-relavant religious crap that in no way something id want. then as everyone gets out either hendrix little wing or stevie ray vaughann rivera paradise, unless at the time who ever organises the thing remembers me saying some random slayer or something just before someone speaks just to piss them off.
In many cultures people prefer to celebrate the life of the deceased in an upbeat way (at the reception more than the actual funeral). So ideally there will be a lot of hard house/trance with dancing and then a bunch of prog + jazz fusion, where the long ambient interludes give people an opportunity to pause and reflect, or hallucinate if my cousin is there.