I I'm not too sure if this is the correct place to post this but it seems like it would be soo... yeah.
Anyways, I have always wondered how people get/make backing tracks for songs. Now I understand they can just record the songs using instruments and then put it for download, but I'm talking about the ones that have the original vocals on them and not lead guitar. For example there are quite a few Metallica songs which have no guitar at all but the original drums, bass, and of course James' vocals. The same thing goes for bands like Linkin Park. I have actually found a lot of versions of LP songs with vocals only, I like to record guitar over these vocals to make my own version of the song. Now before you say it I would like to point out that I know that people take the multi track files from video games like guitar hero: Metallica. I also believe that there was a linkin park rock and or guitar hero but I'm not positive. Either way I still have found backing tracks for some of there newer stuff which came out after the game. The lists of songs could go on for ever of songs of rock bands that I have found backing tracks for with the original vocals, like foo fighters and 3 doors down.
My question is how do people make these backing tracks with original vocals, if they do not take them off of the video game files how do they remove the guitar. I understand there are some (center pan isolate-er) programs but those are always rumored to not work and cost money. Are there any that actually work well for free or a low price that anyone knows of?
Because I would really like to make covers of guns n roses songs (which seem to have almost zero well made backing tracks with vocals), and I know that they panned their guitars hard left and right so axls voice and the drums and bass should be center panned, but how do I isolate the center? I know there are hundreds of gnr backing tracks without vocals but those are pretty pointless to me because what's a song without a singer? An instrumental.
Weast? What kind of compass are you reading lad?
Most of the people that produce those backing tracks that eliminate the lead vocal or guitar are using the master tapes/files and muting tracks and bouncing versions without those pieces. Those are usually made with label permission (and assistance) for official purposes, like licensed teaching materials.
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