Hey guys,

So a few days ago I ordered my first looper, so when it arrived in the mail yesterday I was really stoked, only to find out it didn't work. I have no idea whats wrong with it so I figured maybe you guys know.

I can connect it to my computer when I follow the instructions, but when I connect it to my amp it just doesn't work at all. The adapter works, all other cables work. Could it have somthing to do with my amp?

Edit: Not to mention that I've already recieved my second looper from customer service, since the first one didn't do anything at all.
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Try going guitar > Ditto > amp, then guitar > amp. If plugging straight into your amp works, then there is something most likely wrong with the Ditto.
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some times they get a bad batch.

i had four JCA2112RC's DOA or 5 minutes until it died. it was frustrating. but normally TC is pretty good. so is jet city really.

i am happy how customer service works with big online retailers, you make THEM your bitch.
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