Hey all,
since I'm simplifying my rig I have this wonderfull Carl Martin Combinator 2 for sale.
The Combinator 2 is the perfect all-in-one solution to switching amp channels and effects, while also providing eight individual 9-volt taps to power your pedals. It features eight individual effects loops (two with stereo returns), tuner output, master mute, three external switches and enables you to create 18 groups.
Programming is a snap. Just select bank and press one of the program buttons, press the soft buttons corresponding to the pedals you want to include, press store, and you're done.

So in short: Stop tap dancing for 350€ shipped!
Just for your information: The one I'm offering is the 110 Volt version, but the requiered step up transformer is included (see picture), so you can just plug it in and use it.