So right now I am using a fender mustang 1. Its a good amp, but id like to upgrade.
I hear good things about tube amps, but I here they can be hard to fix if they break. Can someone fill me in on tube amps?
And what is the best amp I could get for 300$ NEW? I play rock and roll, punk rock, and even country. I would probably want a 12 inch speaker, my mustang only has a 8 inch.
So I want a really good rock sound, yet be able to get a really clean country sound also, that I would be able to use at small performances. I would also like someone to fill me in on tube amps and If I should get one. so what would you reccomend? I don't want to spend more than 300$ new or 200$ used.
Spend the $300 used. Get a used Peavey Valveking and be done with it.
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if your forced into that budget , the answer is save up because it wont be much better or better at all over your mustang. If you can swing 300$ on a used amp then it opens the valveking to you which is a great amp and at the end of the day may be the last amp you ever buy if your just a bedroom rocker