Hi all

I recently purchased what I thought was a normal 2009 Epiphone G400 on ebay with hardshell case. The guy advertised it as having the D shaped slim taper neck. But after receiving it I have noticed the neck is very thick, much more so than my strat. I think it might be the faded g-400 which I have read did not have a slim neck in 2009.

Can anyone tell me if my guitar is in fact the faded g400 with a regular fat neck? I want to return it, but would need to prove its not as described to ebay.

Link to ebay for sale ad


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Even the Epiphone slim D-profile will feel very thick compared to your Stratocaster.
When Gibson/Epi says slim they mean slim relative to a big 50s Les Paul neck, not modern guitar necks.
That's definitely not a faded, it's got a gloss finish. "Slim taper" by Epi/Gibson standards doesn't mean it's slim by Fender standards. Looks like you got exactly what you ordered
I have an Epiphone MIK SG-400 and the neck is beefy as hell. I've learned to steer clear of Gibson as they just don't make guitars with neck profiles I can like.
the SG you need is the 61 style. they have a very thin neck which as a strat player is the one I prefer.