You know that sound you get when you cup your hand and mouth over a phone speaker when playing a song? If you didn't know about it, go ahead and try it! I want that sound on my guitar amp, preferably without pedals. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Mids at 10, put everything else at zero is my guess...

Not sure though.
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I don't think he's referring to a boxy sound.

What he is looking for is probably that funny "cup" sound, which is a flanger.
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Two things come to my mind based on your description:

either a high/low pass filter (in this case, a wah with the heel all the way down) would give you that cool all-bass sound (if you hold your finger over an iphone speaker it sort of resembles that).

Or.. A talk box. If you put your iphone speaker to your mouth and then re-shape the sound, it has the talk box effect (think Beverly Hills by Weezer solo, or Vicarious by Tool solo).

Those are my best guesses
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yeah without a pedal i am not sure it is possible. EQ pedal, or some kind of effect is going to do it.

if you get crazy with the requencies of a 7 to 10 band EQ pedal, you can make your tone sound like an old time radio, etc. some weird tricks like that.
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a high/low pass filter

low pass filter. it should get the lopsided sound you want.

i also think the ibanez lo-fi pedal offers something like this as well.

also, i think cellphones extensively use Doherty amplifiers in the phone systems that have their own unique distortion. so if you are sending the signal over the phone then maybe these Doherty amplifiers may be producing the tone you want.

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yeah without a pedal i am not sure it is possible. EQ pedal, or some kind of effect is going to do it.

agreed, a LP or EQ pedal may do the trick.
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