Hi i recently bought a talkbox the rocktron banshee. I didnt know that much about all of the stuff that required to get good sound out of it. i might of wasted my money because i bought a receiver that powers to kenwood speakers that i already had, but i read that your not suppost to use AV speakers for guitar or live sound? Im not sure about all of this and just started to look at some active speakers but dont know if its really needed. Any help would be appreciated.
The reason they say not to use hi-fi speakers for guitar is because they sound horrible. Hi-fi speakers (and amps) have a flat frequency response and guitars don't work well with that. Electric guitars are bad-sounding in general so guitar amps and speakers are voiced to make guitars sound better.
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so hifi and AV is the same thing? i was trying to figure out what AV meant for speakers.
I'm assuming that's what you meant. I've never heard it called AV before but Kenwood is/was a high-end brand of hi-fi audio gear, one of the top names actually. Pioneer was the best of the best and Kenwood was probably right behind.
the reason I called it AV is because thats what i saw some other people on different forums called it if its the same thing. So then if I dont want a Hifi speaker what are the type of speakers that people use for their talkboxes/ vocals for live performances? I understand Passvie and active speakers but is it a monitor speaker or something else?

Also the Kenwoods that i am using are JL 507
You're supposed to use your mic and mic amp with a talkbox. A talkbox is just a low-power amp driving a tweeter with a tube going into your mouth.

I don't have any experience with vocal amps and stuff, sorry.
well i have my mic plugged into the receiver but since the speakers are Hifi then im guessing it would sound better on some PA speakers
The hi-fi speakers might sound fine with the mic. The talkbox is gonna rape your guitar's tone anyway because that's how they work, so by the time the guitar signal gets to the mic it won't sound "good" anyway. You could amp it however you wanted to.

I was just explaining why you wouldn't want to use guitars with hi-fi stuff because I thought that was what you were wondering about. the signal from a straight guitar or a pedal chain needs to be plugged into a guitar amp. A talkbox isn't really a pedal.

I think now I'm talking in circles...
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Well i thought since the mic was going to be picking up the guitar tone from the talkbox that technically it would still be like using hifi speakers for a guitar
Ok so i guess what im confused about is its ok to play guitar into mic to receiver then through speakers but not ok to have guitar directly into receiver then played through speakers?
It's fine to have the guitar signal go to a hi-fi amp and/or speakers if you are using a talkbox or other device that makes it sound "bad" or if you don't care what your rig sounds like.

It is not a good idea to plug a guitar signal into a hifi amp and/or speakers if you want to sound any good.
lol well i just want good sound using a talkbox and i know its possible because ive seen other people do it
I've got the same talkbox and it sounds great. I use a shure sm58 mic which runs into the band PA and thru a pair of Yorkville speakers and a couple of Peavey monitors. Not sure what type of PA amp we are running.
thanks for replying. yeh I also have a shure sm58 and I am planning on getting a power amp with gemini speakers instead of using the receiver that i have now with the kenwood hifi speakers.