Hello Folks,
I need your help in deciding which electric guitar amp/processor I should be buying for my usecase. I recently moved to britain and I bought a second hand Jackson Warrior WRXT with stock pickups.
My Sound Preferences:
I usually like to play metal songs (Metallica, Iron Maiden etc). I like to play lead mostly in the style and tone of Joe Satriani, David Valdes etc. But on some occasions I like to play proper cleans as well (porcupine tree, Coldplay etc). I would like to have a good collection of effects (chorus, phaser, flanger, reverb at the very least).

Other Requirements:
Since I will mostly be playing in my room, or gig with my roomie who plays an acoustic, I do not require amps louder than a common 2.1 speaker system.
It should be possible to connect it to a PC (Windows) through USB for recording purposes.
I often like to play along with a song, hence it would be beneficial if the amp/processor has a 1/8'' line in through which i can connect my music player.
Headphone-out is a must as I sometimes play late at night.
Would want a footswitch too (with atleast one switch between two settings)

Amps I am looking at:
I owned a Peavey Vypyr 30 before, and it was pretty much sufficient for all my tastes, and I expect something similar. Since I share a house with other people, an amp like Vypyr would be too loud, plus i found it very hard to carry it around.
Hence, I am looking at a Yamaha THR10 and a Line6 PodHD 300,400 since I am only aware of these models which fit my tastes. The THR10 does not have a footswitch but its speakers and the compactness and ability for battery power is very compelling.

My Budget:
Although my maximum budget is around GBP 200, I do not want to spend that much until it is so good and compact that I can easily take it back to my home country ( which would be a year from now). Due to this tight budget I am almost exclusively looking at 2nd hand stuff. I found a Pod HD300 for GBP 120 and HD400 for GBP 180 and a THR10 for GBP 170 (All second hand).

Please help me guys.

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For the sake of convenience, get yourself a THR10X.
For the sake of having a shit-ton of sounds and funny options to play with, get a POD, better if it's an HD500X or however their best model is.
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There are just two things which i have to worry about the THR10:
1. Lack of footswitch, seems a pain having to stop playing mid song to change the preset. The buttons for the presets are annoyingly small as well.
2. The battery? It is one of the cool things about this amp, but honestly doubt it will last that long, after which the replacements would be too costly.
Just what advantage does a 400 or 500 have over the 300 in the POD HD series. And yes, I have read the official chart comparing the features of these three, but can somebody explain if they really matter?