Hey guys, i need to know if 'Nothing Else Matters' by Metallica would be good enough for my GSCE performance piece? Im looking for (hopefully) top marks, so if i played it well enough would it be an A*?

If you ask, they should tell you to play to a grade standard. Mind, I did A-level music and they wanted a grade 5 piece at AS, grade 6 at A2, so at a guess, they'd want grade 3 standard or so for GCSE. I'm not sure what kind of material that would be like, but if you check out the Rockschool syllabus on youtube, that should give you an okay idea of whether it'd be enough. I reckon it'd be okay though
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When I did GCSE music four or five years ago you needed to play a grade five standard piece for an A.
Just do a grade 5 piece and play it well. You will get a better mark (speaking from experience). At A2 do a grade 7-8 piece
I played Nothing Else Matters in A-Level music performance. But im probably better than you so yeah, **** off