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Since we are all geography wizards...

For the Europeans

For my Americans.

If you are brave, do both and average it out if you want to, or just proclaim mental ******ation caused your scores sucked.
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I'm not entirely convinced that having a good geographically memory is an accurate measure of whether you can speak or not.
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the games u linked are dumb because all you have to do is name countries/states, not actually find them on the map

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ggg1 ggg3

this is just naming though. it's not placing them in the right place.
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I got 40/50 on the America test because I forgot the Carolinas and all those bitty little East coast states.

Only 35/47 on the Europe quiz. Embarrassing. Damn you Herzegovnia!
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eh. did it for shits. Did the euro map and got 39/47 but only because I totally misspelled Luxembourg (lol that's where my Mom's from. fail...) and Lichtenstein. and I typed Bosnia but apparently it was supposed to be "Bosnia and Herzegovina(?)" I also typed in Vatican but forgot the city part. **** that. I'm counting it as 43/47.
23 on the Euro map, not bad. Several of the ones I missed I've never heard of. Not my fault my school didn't teach world history.
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25 / 47 on my part
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29/50, missed quite a few because I didn't write them right

yeah, fack those silent letter TennesseE, MississipPi, TennesseE, IlLinois

actually should have tried in the morning and not just before going to bed, I missed a few that i definitely knew (Arizona, Delaware, Pennsylvania, the two Virginia, Maine, Missouri, Kansas and Illinois)
10/50 on Murica, 45/47 on Europe, missed Liechtenstein and San Marino.
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23/47 on Europe. Felt dumb about typing Transylvania also wtf is with the spelling of Luxembourg goddamn euros
21 states, 25 countries

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24/47 countries.

Would've gotten more if I knew how to spell some of the eastern european countires.
Knowledge =/= intelligence.

Also, anyone who got 50/50 obviously used google. And those who didn't get 50/50 deliberately got a few wrong so it didn't look like they cheated.
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In my Sporcle heyday I'd have got all the states. (I've even got a Sporcle badge that proves it!) I don't think I would now.
50/50 states. Spent the majority of my time trying to figure out how to spell Massachusetts.
USA: 48/50 because Vermont and Rhode Island are wastes of space

Europe: 23/47
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Failed: Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Montana, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana

I spent at least two minutes misspelling Louisiana.
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Here's mine.

Spoiler'd each for people who are going to take the tests (no cheating). I also did Africa, Asia, and SA.

Africa is a bitch.

USA (Completed in 2.5 minutes. Easy mode.)



South America


It makes me sad to see North Americans in this thread not getting 50/50 for the states.
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